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Paper Steel

Not every club has a full set of steel targets and target stands suitable for running a steel match. This particularly applies to new clubs. Some clubs may not have an outdoor range at all, and their range is indoors instead. Indoor ranges present some special challenges when it comes to shooting steel targets. Bullet splatter, for example, can knock out the overhead lights and tear up the ceiling and side walls. Also, most indoor ranges are not set up for bullets impacting anywhere except pretty much straight down range.

employing paper and cardboard  targets instead of steel can resolve  these issues, provided that the targets are positioned in such a way that the bullets impact straight downrange into the bullet trap, berm, or whatever is set up as a backstop at that particular range.

You can however, run a ‘steel’ match very much like a regular International Steel match, but instead of using steel plates, you can use round or rectangular  paper or cardboard targets attached to a cardboard backing on a portable stand such as is commonly used in  I.P.S.C. , IDPA, and USPSA competitions. Paper plates taped or stapled to the cardboard backing can work very well. The paper targets can be re-taped or replaced after each shooter, depending on which is more convenient. The paper targets can be set up well downrange near the sides of the shooting bay so that all bullets will go into the bullet backstop. Targets closer to the shooting box will have to be kept closer to the center line of the bay to make sure that bullets fired at those targets also impact in the correct place. The sizes of the targets can be adjusted up or down to produce the correct level of difficulty while still ensuring that the bullets will be stopped in a safe manner.

With the exception of the different kind of targets and their placement, the rest of a Paper ‘Steel’ match can be run the same as an outdoor match would be run using steel targets.


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