Promoting, facilitating, and encouraging steel shooting competition around the world.


Reasons why it makes sense to join ISSA now:

For a club:

1. A standard set of rules to run matches, with a Club Level, and  Championship Level versions. Shooters from other areas will know what to expect.
2. Club matches will be publicized and promoted world-wide through the ISSA website.
3. Pictures and match reports and results will be displayed, or linked to, on the ISSA website.
4. The use of the International Steel Shooting Association name to identify the club’s matches.
5. The possibility to host National or Regional Championship matches,  or even a World Championship!
6. Save money by ISSA getting the club better prices. For example, we are in negotiations with a major world-wide spray paint company to allow clubs to buy spray paint for targets at a discount price. Discounts on award medals, trophies, and so forth are also another possibility.
7. Possible funding assistance in setting up and running junior shooter programs, new shooter programs, and safety programs using money donated from corporate sponsors.
8. All match fees and “Per Shooter” fees are waived. We will need to get some money coming in to run things eventually, but we want to be sure the clubs get as much or more in return for their membership affiliation.

For an individual:

1. Knowing and taking pride in the fact that as an early joining member that you have helped in creation and establishment of a Steel Shooting Association run by shooters, and for shooters, world wide.
2. Inclusion on an email list so you get the latest news and match announcements.
3. Access to areas of the website not available to the general public.
3. A low Member Number (Very cool in a few years!)
4. Other things to come!

  We offer a special low cost package for clubs that would like to affiliate with ISSA. We want as much money as possible to stay in the club’s treasury for club use. Sure, we need a little bit to keep it running, be we are all volunteers. None of us get a dime out of ISSA. Our only reward is knowing that clubs and competitors are having a fun and safe time at the range.

Club Affiliation Cost:

Basic Cost: $50 (US) per year
Per Shooter Fee:   No extra Per Shooter Fee at matches
Per Match Fee   :   No extra Per Match Fee

Individual Membership:

Cost:   $25 (US)
No other Fees

So, how do you join?

NOTE: The link to our on-line form to join is currently not working, but it will be back very soon. We may have been hacked.

For Individuals, go the the Individuals page. For Club Affiliation, go to the Clubs page. Fill in the blanks, Click on the SUBMIT Button, and click on the Pay Now button. It is very important that you click on the SUBMIT Button to send us your information, and THEN click on the PayPal button to make payment, in that order, so we can keep the submitted information and the payment matched up.

If you would prefer to mail in a check instead, fill out this Application Form:

Application Form for Individual Membership or Club Affiliation

Then make out a check, or get a money order, and mail it to:

International Steel Shooting Association
2704 Gabelein Rd.
Clinton, WA. 98236

Joining up right now at the very beginning will get you a very low membership or club registration number!

If you have any questions, just go to the Contact page and send us a message, or email us at

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