Promoting, facilitating, and encouraging steel shooting competition around the world.


The International Steel Shooting Association is the worldwide home of competitive steel shooting, encompassing both indoor and outdoor competition. we are a non-profit corporation, and we intend to use our non-profit capabilities to help promote, help facilitate, and help fund new shooter programs, junior programs, and firearms safety programs.

Goals of the organization:

1.    To provide a standardized set of rules for steel shooting that are appropriate for all levels of competition from local club matches to world championships.

2.    To provide a standardized set of stage layouts, while allowing stage design flexibility for clubs, within certain guidelines, to design their own stages to fit their needs and facilities.

3.  To provide a widely diverse range of divisions, yet allow local clubs the flexibility to create their own divisions to satisfy the needs of their local shooters.

4.    To encourage and facilitate the growth of the sport of steel shooting worldwide.

5.    To establish and maintain a website with the complete rules, information on upcoming matches, match results, and club information.

6. To help our affiliated clubs as we can to promote and conduct successful matches.

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