Promoting, facilitating, and encouraging steel shooting competition around the world.


Welcome to  the home of the International Steel Shooting Association, the worldwide home of competitive steel shooting, encompassing both indoor and outdoor competition. We are a non-profit association incorporated in Washington — run by shooters, for shooters.

International Steel competition is a great way for new shooters to get involved with competition shooting while building their firearms and firearms safety skills. The difficulty of International Steel competition is not the difficulty of the shot itself.  All shots in an International Steel match are intended to be easy enough that even newer shooters with basic shooting skills will succeed.  Your score is the time it takes for you to shoot all of the targets, so the faster shooter wins. In our events, it’s easy to “get all your hits” — the difficulty lies in getting all your hits, quickly. By trying to shoot faster, people shoot less accurately, often miss, and have to take extra shots. Seasoned competitors shoot “on the edge” balancing speed and accuracy at all times.

Shooting targets that react or  go “ding” with each hit adds a huge “fun factor” compared to putting holes in paper. If you have never tried shooting steel, you should give it a try, and you’ll quickly see what I mean!



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